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Comments:Awesome work,From where have u learn , interested in it.............

Name:Chris Andressen
Comments:Awesome work Pulkit - Impressive and Original - Keep it Up !

Name:ch upendra
Comments:From where have u learn these robotics will u help me im interested in it

Name:G.V.Krishna Rao
Comments:Dear sir, I am having a stone processing unit in Andhra Pradesh. We r suffering from labour. Could u help to overcome this with your robos. If it success we will take 200 robos.

Comments:Congracts for your work, I read your article its verry intresting. Can I get your personal mail ID. i am woring with robotics maintenance ,

Name:Amit Tyagi
Comments:Hi Pulkit, This is Amit Tyagi. Well, I am working in Basware Corporation. I work on Java based Regular Expressions. I used to work to automate software systems. Well, My vision is to do something in Artificial Intelligence System. I wanna develop some Home Security and interactive intelligent systems, even I have good plans to move with. I need an environment to start with. Can you help on this somehow?

Name:Ayan Biswas
Comments:Hi Pulkit, I'm a current student for Masters in Mechanical Engg. at Clemson University, South Carolina, USA. A friend of mine(from Kanpur), who was also my classmate at Dr.MGR University, Chennai, just referred me to you. I'd like to discuss some things with you personally, without taking names here. It'd be kind of you to let me know youe email-id so that I can connect with you over LinkedIn. Also, my full profile is visible there at: www.linkedin.com/in/ayanpublicprofile/

Comments:Hello sir. I am studying 3rd year mechanical engineering in anna university, chennai. I am very much interested in the field of robotics. I would like to do an internship program under you in your company. I just read about your projects. Each and every project you did is amazing.It would be a great honour for me if you can teach me some of the concepts in the robotics technology. pls consider this and help me to enrich my knowledge in the robotics field. Thank you sir.

Name:divya chetri
Comments:Dreams make a wish come true. I wish you never stop dreaming!

Comments:hai sir my project neural network baesd face detection.send by the my mail ID

Name:ramesh singh
Comments:sir, i want same idea about hybrid vehicle because i doing the project on it. ple...give me all the necessary detail to contract the hybrid vehicle

Name:chinkal panchal
Comments:Sir,how to set fuse-bits in atmega32 when we want to use external crystal. I have got the board when i was attaining work-shop at IIM . I have all the kit provided by you during the training session . So is this compatible to set the FUSE-BIT ?

Comments:hello sir i m an student of IIPM BBSR doing an case study on u r company so i find something 2 discess abut your comapany so kindly respose this if u ll like 2 go ..i m atteching my email id also for that it ll be eassier 2 find on milanbgh@gmail.com

Comments:Hi, Congrats, Just happened to c ur name amongst the young innovative entrepreneur. Wish u all the luck for future also

Name:Vaibhav Sharma
Comments:Hii sir!!! Recently attended ur seminar in jecrc jaipur. I really got inspired from the day i heard you and it increased further when i visited ur blog. sir, m looking frwrd for some assistance frm ur side. sir please guide me -frm where to initiate.I have beeen into this not for long but want to do wonders. looking frwrd for help. regards

Name:Praveen V
Comments:When we have met at our MCR , i never knew u r such a great person. Well done sir , you are really a true engineer.I am sure you are going to be role model for many future INDIAN engineers. I do have project in my mind , i hope we shall work together on that.

Comments:awesum work.........I think sir you are the indian version of einstein and what you had done in the robotics field no one in our country ever do better than this...I am a big fan of yours.....great work sir......

Comments:Wonder Work sir ..

Comments:hi. i am a engineering student.i want to develop robotics projects ,so can u help me in that.

Name:Sandeep Mookerjee
Comments:Hi everybody and Pulkit - greetings! I am a Project Manager (IT) in a maritime software solutions company. I am currently looking out for someone who can make a simple handheld device for measuring distance between the device itself and surface level of water using either ultrasonic or radar sensors. The device should also have a data logger (and ofcourse ana-to-digi converter) along with output for a PC (RS232 or RS485). This is a hot project and any contribution if found feasible will have suitable remuneration. Requirement is urgent so hurry up.

Comments:hi .. have you done anything for tactical utilization of robots by law enforcement ? can you please provide me your contact number ?

Name:Abhilash Gaur
Comments:hii chachu ......u really rox i m pursing B.Tech from SARDAR VALLABH BHAI NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING SURAT in electronics and comm. ,just now came in 2nd yr .....

Name:ambarish vadodariya
Comments:it is nice. Do you give training for microcontriller based application? please inform me.. Thank you, best regards, ambarish

Name:Parag Autkar
Comments:Sir, I am currently pursuing engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. Would you be interested in delivering a guest lecture at our institute? If so please send me your email address.

Comments:Good hai...all the best, dear pulkit.

Comments:Good hai...all the best, dear pulkit.

Comments:Good hai...all the best, dear pulkit.

Name:Leena Joseph
Comments:Commendable work done.Could you please Send your email id & phone number for exploring the possibilities of working together. Thanks

Comments:I have seen your work. Its very nice and interesting. I am studying MTech. I am working on a project named " 2FNN for face recognition", but i have some doubts regarding training the neural network. Can you please send me the code for your project ""FACER" - A Neural network based face recognition system.", I will use it as base for my project. Please do me this favor. please.

Name:Kavita Sharma
Comments:Hello Pulkit, Just came to your blog through some random links on the internet.But sticked to your page for more than an hour or so and read everything you did. Quiet Impressive and innovative work -i must say. keep it going. - Kavita Sharma Senior Designer IBM Research



Comments:A dream materialises! Life comes a full circle! 19th December is a date, that will have its importance very soon.

Name:vivek gehlot
Comments:sir i want to take training in robo field so tell ur com address and course fee

Name:N.Rishi Kanth.
Comments:Congracts for your work, I read your article its verry intresting. Can I get your personal mail ID. I had compleated M.Tech recently specialisation in computer integrated manufacturing. I had one project in my mind. I want to share it with you.

Name:Sourabh Verma
Comments:Nice work Pulkit. Keep it up. All the best.

Comments:Amazing work - specially your surveillance system - i would like to buy one for my home.

Name:Sandip Dev
Comments:My email address is dev.sandip@acmquest.org

Name:Sandip Dev
Comments:Hi Pulkit, The ACM Chapter of SVNIT is conducting a two day computing event called Quest 2008 (www.acmquest.org). We would like you to deliver a talk or conduct a workshop or display some of your creation at Quest 2008. We shall compensate you as well as pay for travel and arrange your stay here at Surat. We strongly believe your presence here would encourage the students. The event is on the 27th and 28th of September. Please reply.

Name:Vikas Maan
Comments:Congrats! Doing great Work. Wishing for your infinite progress.

Name:Satyajit Padhye
Comments:Hi Pulkit, I read your article recently in Eco Times and was very impressed.Congratulations on your venture of Consumer Robots. I am a Ventriloquist, Puppeteer and Puppet Maker from Mumbai.I m planning to combine Puppetry and Robotics so that it can be used to entertain.Pls visit my website www[dot]vpuppets[dot]com Can this be done?I m exploring the possiblities.Pls reply to my mails.

Name:fahad azad
Comments:nice work....keep it up

Name:Dan Crowe
Comments:Amazing profile

Comments:Hi Pulkit, Read your blog and your company websites. I should congratulate you on your achievements in this young age. People like you will bring the change in the life of a common man. Julie NY

Name:Devshree Gehlot
Comments:Hi boss, i know u as my college senior. I m from MBM CSE 2007 Batch. Kudos to u for this great achievement. I wish u a very bright future. I hope i could get a chance to work wid u.. Ur work is amazing, superb. u possess immense talent amd have done MBM proud!

Name:viral patel
Comments:hey pulkit,ur web site is ameging.i am intersting in robotics. i am pursuing BE in computer engg. from jaipur.but live in ahmedabad,i also want 45 days traing after my 4thsemester. can u sugges me robotics company in ahmedabad,pls reply ..................have a nice day

Name:Omkar Nisal
Comments:Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing work man! Blessed to know you through Chintan Kella. very very happy to go through your profile! Looking forward to talk to you! :)

Comments:Very nice. Your resume really impresses. Tell me where are you working right now.

Comments:cool and innovative guy u are. good work dude ! keep it up !

Comments:Hi Pulkit, awesome. I'm must admit, that ankit's inferiority complex' works like a plague ;-) I wish you a very successful tomorrow too, after an astonishing today....

Comments:doooooode have you been working since your childhood. you just gave me huge inferiority complex. i myself am working on automatic sensing , but as i just read what you have done , i'm planning to rebuild my plan

Comments:Awesome profile.Robotics needs people like you. Waiting for picporta to be launched.

Comments:Really .. really impressive profile dude !

Comments:hi pulkit..great work in such short time..i m from ur city..wanna meet u for once..do reply

Comments:seems robotics in india is picking up now. nice work dude.

Comments:seems robotics in india is picking up now. nice work dude.

Name:Dr. aksh dubey

Name:Pulkit Shukla
Comments:it seems u wrk 3600*24 secs a day in ur life ! highly impresive prfile man . ne major recruiter wil die to take u .well wanted to know frm where u did ur B.E .myself an iit 2007 aspirant .hope the name "pulkit" brings me parallel luck :)

Name:Ruchika Maheshwari
Comments:Very good profile.You are a genius ,liked your work very much ,came thru orkut.

Name:Ruchika Maheshwari
Comments:Very good profile.You are a genius ,liked your work very much ,came thru orkut.

Name:Ruchika Maheshwari
Comments:Very good profile.You are a genius ,liked your work very much ,came thru orkut.

Comments:Nice Profile....Call me I would Like you to Work For me Independantly.

Comments:whooowa ....... too much for a human being ;)

Comments:Hey , thats a real rocking profile.I am working for philips ,here in banglore.Found ur page while searching something,keep it up !your work speaks for urslef.

Name:Dolly Dhariwal
Comments:No doubts his work speaks for him. Boss would surely like to know more about the projects and what you are doing at present. All the very best with everything you do.

Name:Steven Philips
Comments:Awesome work dude ! U have done amazing work in small time ,specially in robotics and AI. U r a true genius .. regards from london

Comments:Dear Pulkit, I am Sanjay Choubey we belongs in DURG Chhattisgarh. I come to know you through Google Search. We work with Aditya Electronics INDIA, a Automation and Application Engineering group for STEEL PLANT,CEMENT PLANT, POWER PLANT,FARMA PLANT, FOOD & BEVERAGE, TYRE PLANT,CHEMICAL PLANT, And other industries also. I would like to know more with your good projects. thanks and more power. Please inform your full address,phone No. so we can contact to you.

Comments:nice one.....

Comments:Hi Pulkit, I am shyam B.E. in IT from Bhilwara Engg. College passed out in 2005. I come to know about you from one of my junior. We belongs to a KSHITIZ-INDIA, a research group dedicated towards low power embedded systems. Our mission of research group is "Technology Leader before 2020". Our group is targeting talanted people all over india to collobrate with them so that we all can work for the mission 2020 of Dr. APJ Abdul kalam. By looking towards your profile I think you are intrested in a unique work, and something different... so i would like to request you to work for the nation. The mission 2020 needs dedication of such peoples. I think you are one of them. Regards Shyam 98291-32302 (if you like to contact me)

Name:Ritu Sharma
Comments:Pulkit.Very impressive profile you have. I am working here in U.K. with ARM,and would like to talk to you regarding jb prospects in our company. Do tell me when we can talk.

Name:Randell David
Comments:This is a very good site. I found lots of ideas. I am working on facial recognition too, please email me, we share common interest. I would like to know more with your good projects. thanks and more power.

Name:Alerg Mathew
Comments:Hello Gaur, I found ur referrence from one senior programmer here.We are a big semiconductor company.Send me your details.We are interested in hiring you.

Name:Christiana Moore
Comments:Hi, Please email me your contact information. thank you! Christiana

Comments:It is very very good site.you are very great,you have both hardware and software knowledge, no one have command on both of these.

Name:kris punc
Comments:Very Very impressive projects you are doing. I would like to know more about all this. Do mail me.

Name:Jay Solanki
Comments:This site is very impressive & specially it good for robots Keep going

Comments:its a very good concept especially the hybrid vechile u r simply genious

Name:Richard Borick
Comments:Very Impressive profile. Seems India is on its way to become worldleader.

Comments:Wow . Very nice site and highly impressive profile.

Name:Varun Boob
Comments:aap great ho... when i saw this site ... mujhe to chakar aa ne lag gaye.... u r really god!!!

Name:Aarti Saha
Comments:amazing work. you definately have worked too much. IMPRESSED.